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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website:  Normally, it is seen that most of the newbie start his blogging carrier with blogger as it provides so many feature almost at free cost. After setting up a blog, he/she may switch towards the big goal i.e., can make a self hosted blog/website. In this whole journey, one thing is very important and that is traffic to the new site.

How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website

Almost all the bloggers wants to redirect traffic from their old blog to the new website or self hosted blog. If you are also looking for the same then just go through this post as I think this post is just for your help.

To redirect traffic from your old blogger blog to new website, you need to follow some of the methods. Moving on, I have mentioned some of the methods that can be use to redirect traffic from old blog to the newer one.

How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website

Post advertisement on your blog:

This is one of the very simple ways to shout among your visitors and hence informing about the new website. You just need to post a notice board on your blog and it should be posted at the top of the web page or below your menu so that visitors can see your notice without any issue. You can also make the notice board attractive so that it can grab the attention of your visitors.

Use social networks:

If you have already got lot of followers and subscribers on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and Google + then you can easily inform your regular visitors about your new site. You just need to post information on the social networks. Recommend your followers to visit your new site.

Make use of your subscribers:

 How you use your subscriber is also a major factor helps in redirecting traffic from your old blog to the newer one. There is a major difference between a Pro blogger and a new blogger. It is seen that new blogger never give so much priority to their subscriber while on the other hand Pro blogger always send and inform their subscribers about the new stuff. You should always remember one thing and that is subscribers are one who comes back to your site so you need to give importance to them. You should always try to inform them about the new stuff and content of your site.

Redirect your old blog to new website:

You can also redirect the visitors of your old blog to the new address simply by putting a simple code in your blogger template. After you insert the code in blogger template, your visitors would be able to visit the original site only for a few seconds and will redirect to the new website.

So these are some of the methods I have from my side. I tried to share most of the points that will helps in redirecting visitors to the new site from the old blogger blog, however if you think that I have missed something or have written anything wrong then always feel free to leave a comment via comment box. 

How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website

Every blogger or web owner always wants to index his/her website or blog in Google as soon as possible in order to try various methods to expose his/her blog like link building and submitting their website or blog in different search engines. However, maximum or not all the bloggers gets quick success in index his/her website and so keeping the fact I n mind, I’m going to share a method to index a new website or blog with 5 minutes in Google. 

How to Index a New Website or Blog Within 5 Minutes in Google?

The whole methods that I am going to share are divided into three parts or step. Here I have explained all these one by one: -

How to Index a New Website or Blog Within 5 Minutes in Google?

Step 1) Adding a new website or blog within 5 minutes in Google

  •  First of all sign in to your Google webmaster tool using your Google account.
  •  Now a new window will open with an option of Add a site button.
  •  Click on Add a site button and enter the URL of your site or blog and click on to continue button. 

That’s it; you successfully added your new website or blog in Google webmaster tool.

Step 2) Verifying Your New Website or Blog in Google webmaster tool

The steps mentioned above are about how to add a blog or website in webmaster tool and in second step I am going to share the method to verify your site or blog. To verify your account, first of all open the webmaster homepage again and a list of sites which are added by you appears on your screen.

Now, click on verify option on the screen just below the list of the sites. Now, a new window will open containing different methods for verification of your sites. There are two options of verification namely recommended and alternate methods and in my opinion using alternate method is better than recommended as it just need a simple code insertion before </head>  section. But in case if your site is hosted on any server then you have to verify your site by uploading an html file as well.

Once you complete this step, then it’s time to click on verify button to verify your site. That’s you have provided your new site as well so proceed to next and final step.

Step 3) Adding A sitemap of your website in webmaster tool

>> To add a sitemap of your site to the Google webmaster tool then again open the homepage of Google webmaster tool. A new window will open in front of your screen and then click on add/test sitemap button.

Now in next page you have to provide the URL of your sitemap page which usually consists of XML codes. Now, provide the address of your sitemap page in the space. Once done click on ‘’submit site map’’ button. After clicking on sitemap button then you have completed the step and it’s time to move to the next step.

4) Fetch Your Website as Google

>> Open the Home Page of Google Webmaster tool and then it’s time to click on the desired site to see the dashboard of your site. Now, in dashboard click on crawl>> Fetch as Google…  You can choose and put the URL according to your choice means you can either use URL or you can insert all linked pages according to your choice. 

So, this is the best trick i have for you regarding how you can index your website or blog within 5 minutes in Google. If you like this post helpful then don't forget sharing this post among your social friends. 

How to Index a New Website or Blog Within 5 Minutes in Google?

Best Premium Blogger Templates: As you know that, a template controls the overlook of a site. It provides a framework to your site that brings together different elements and component as well as providing the cascading style sheet for your site.  A site has templates from both its side namely front end and back end.

Best Premium Blogger Templates
Best Premium Blogger Templates

Known for its powerful features and ease of use, premium bloggers are providing a unique experience to more than 20000+ people all across the world. In this post I am going to share some best premium blogger templates that provide your site an awesome look and styles. Let’s have a look to these best blogger templates:-

Samantify Responsive Premium Blogger Templates

Samantify is one of the very good premium templates for the bloggers. It is an awesome, clean, minimal blogging theme. This template mainly focuses on your images and content. The header image of this template is mainly made for a striking look and to keep dragging the reader’s attention.

Introfy Responsive Gallery Premium Blogger Template

This template is mainly designed to support your eye’s retina. It is a blocky, portfolio-style theme with a n emphasis of typography and attention to detail. In my opinion this is the best one or your blog to write about your favorite blog posts.

Best Premium Blogger Templates

Protify Responsive Premium Blogger Templates

Portify is a well structured Minimalistic blogger portfolio template for creative bloggers and is perfect for discipline in every aspect such as web, graphics, motion, sound, print, art etc. so, if you are looking for a wonderful looking web theme then you have just found it here.

Black press Responsive Premium Blogger Template

It is a blocky, portfolio style theme which has a good look on typography and attention to detail.

Magnic Magazine Responsive Premium Blogger Template

If a want to create a clean and modern website then it is a good template for you. It is perfect for blog like news and magazine related sites.

Codify Magazine Premium Blogger Template
This template contains amazing notification bar and is perfect template for making coding blogs, blogger template etc.

Folify Portfolio Premium Blogger Template

Folify is the best template for bloggers top create website related to small businesses, creative agencies and freelancers looking for a portfolio template.

Mintify Magazine Premium Blogger Template
It is also a magazine blogger template with unique and amazing designs. This template will give your site a professional look.

Lightness magazine Premium Blogger Template

Lightness is a blogger template for news related site or magazine relates sire which is well coded and more over very easy to operate.

So, these are some of the best premium blogger Templates for you. Now, first of all decided your niche of blog and then try one by one templates related to the niche of your site and select which fits best to your site.

Best Premium Blogger Templates